Saturday, 17 September 2011


Crush - SeanDing.

I have a crush on you,
Yes, I do,
I know it's real,
For this one i can feel.

When you walk by me,
My heart races,
When you look at me,
I feel your warmth.

We just met,
Only passed a few words,
How did i fall for you?,
How did i know this crush is real?

It could be your smile,
Maybe your eyes,
Or just you,
That I can't resist.

I know you know,
I have a crush on you,
I know you feel the same,
But that's just too good,
To be true.

Before I could,
Tell you how i feel,
You told me how you felt.

You said,'You're sorry',
You're not interested,
It was worth the try,
For anyone can be your friend,
But only one can be your soul mate.